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Isaac Wright

Note to reader: As an aid in following the people in this biography, there is a Family Tree at the end.

Isaac Wright – 8th Bradford Mayor 1859-62, JP

Isaac was christened on 21 October 1801 at Bradford Cathedral (St Peter), the youngest son of Isaac Wright of Bradford, butcher, and Betty née Cooksherd of Westend, Bradford who were married on 26 December 1797 at Bradford Cathedral. They had 2 more sons, Samuel and William, christened/baptised on 11 November 1798 and 18 June 1800 respectively, both at Bradford Cathedral.

In August 1834 the partnership of John Roberts and Isaac Wright of Bradford, Woolstaplers and Commission Agents was dissolved.

On 8 September 1836 Isaac, age 35 but stated 33 on the marriage certificate, had married by Licence of 22 August 1836 Eliza Cunliff of Esholt age 27 at Otley All Saints, the Parish Church. She was the daughter of Ellis Cunliff, b. on 17 December 1808 in Esholt, Yorkshire and bap. on 2 April 1809 at St Oswald Church, Guiseley, Yorkshire, and Margaret née Flesher, b. 1776; they married on 26 July 1797 at St Oswald Church, Guiseley, Yorkshire. They also had a son, Thomas, b. in 1800 at Esholt, bap. on 27 Jul 1800 at St Oswald Church, Guiseley, Yorkshire. He died on 26 July 1869 at Esholt, Otley, a bachelor, Tanner; probate was held at Wakefield on 2 February 1870 where Letters of Administration of his Personal estate and effects were granted to Eliza Wright (Wife of Isaac Wright, Esq.) of Grosvenor Place, North Parade, Bradford, the sister and only Next of Kin of Thomas, she having been first sworn. Effects: Under £7,000. Ellis Cunliff was the son of Lister Cunliffe, b. 27 August 1747 at Ilkley, Yorkshire, and Ann née Gill, b. 1738; they married on 06 May 1772 at Otley, Yorkshire.

On 25/26 April 1837 Isaac Wright, Woolstapler, along with John Milthorpe, also a Woolstapler, acquired the estate and effects of Messrs. William Schofield Nicols and Richard Shaw Nichols of Hewden Hill, Wilsden, Worsted Spinning and Carpenters, by Indentures of Lease & Appointment and Release & Assignment.

In 1841 at Bell View Place, Manningham, Bradford was Isaac Wright 35 [40 really!], a Wool Stapler with his wife Eliza 30 and sons Thomas Cunliff Wright b. 17 June 1837 and bap. on 8 September & William Ellis Wright b. 4 July 1839 and bap. on 8 November, both at Bradford Cathedral. They had 2 female Servants.

In 1850 Isaac was a Churchwarden at Bermondsey, Bradford and later at Bradford Cathedral (St Peters).

In February 1851 at the election of Aldermen, Isaac Wright lost out by one vote. As he possessed in a special degree all those qualities and characteristics which entitle him to the office, the Council had confidence and approval which ensure him a seat upon the Aldermanic bench. Also at that time, Isaac was Chairman of the Committee for Visiting Clubs to the Great Exhibition in London.

In 1851 at 1 Grosvenor Place, Manningham, Bradford, was Isaac, Woolstapler, with a firm of 2 which employs 5 men and one boy; his partner in the firm lives next door, Miles Tillotson; then his wife Eliza and 3 of their 4 sons: William and John Cockshott Wright b. 4 July 1841 in Manningham, bap. 24 September, both Scholars, and Charles Henry Wright b. 30 June 1846 in Belle Vue, Manningham, bap.11 September, both in Bradford Cathedral. Their son Thomas Cunliff Wright was at Potter Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, a Scholar & Pupil under the Headmaster Beatus Heldenmaier Ph D, from Switzerland, with 4 teachers and 38 other pupils.

In 1851 Alderman Isaac Wright was appointed to the Watch, Hackney Carriage, and Street & Drainage Committees.

In 1853 Alderman Isaac Wright was appointed to the Watch, Building & Improvement, Hackney Carriage, Lamp & Street Cleaning and Street & Drainage Committees.

On 15 May 1858 the partnership of ‘Wright & Tillotson’ Wool Merchants, was dissolved by mutual consent. Isaac Wright carried on the business on his own account in Bermondsey, Bradford; Miles Tillotson similarly did the same in School Street, Cheapside, Bradford.

In 1859 Isaac Wright, Woolstapler of Bermondsey, Bradford, was an Alderman for the Manningham Ward of Bradford.

In May 1859, as Alderman, with his wife, one of the patrons of the 3 Days’ Bazaar held in the Bradford Exchange Rooms in Piccadilly to raise funds for the Wesleyan Association Chapel and Schools in Bridge Street. He was on the Executive Committee of the Exchange, filling the role of Treasurer for 20+ years.

On the 17 of November 1859, Isaac Wright was elected as Mayor of Bradford, served for 3 years, relinquishing the role in November 1862, being a thoroughly practical public servant.

In November and December 1859, Isaac Wright as Mayor was President of the Committee formed to erect a Public Drinking Fountain as a fitting Testimonial for the good deeds of the late Alderman Dr Beaumont. Isaac was in the top 14 of the many subscribers.

Isaac as Mayor presided over the AGM of the Peel Park Committee held at the Mechanics Institute on 15 March 1860.

Isaac as Mayor presided over the annual meeting of the West Riding Bankers’, Merchants’ and Traders’ Association for the Protection of Trade on 17 October 1860 in the Artistes’ Saloon at St. George’s Hall.

On 20 December 1860 a Grand Ball was held at St. George’s Hall raising funds for providing a permanent Armory and Offices with a drill ground for the Rifle Volunteer Corps. Mrs. Isaac Wright as Mayoress was the Patroness of the event.

In 1861 at 151 Manningham Lane, Manningham, was Isaac, Mayor of Bradford & Woolstapler, Eliza his wife, whose occupation was a Woolstapler’s wife, sons Thomas, William and Charles, with 2 female House servants. Their son John was a Joiner & Carpenter and a Boarder at 12 Sunny Bank Street, Leeds, with Benjamin Stevenson, Joiner & Carpenter.

On 31 January 1862, a public meeting, called by Isaac Wright, Mayor, was held in the Upper Room of the Bradford Exchange Building, to raise funds for the relief of the surviving relatives of the 200+ persons killed at the Hartley Colliery/Coal Pit accident in Northumberland caused by the colliery beam breaking. Isaac donated 10 guineas, only topped by Titus Salt, Sons, and Co., and bankers. £70,000 was raised; £30,000 was really needed. There was much altercation over where the £40,000 went!

Isaac as Mayor presided over the annual meeting of the Infirmary & Dispensary Institution on 4 February 1862 held in the Board Room of the Infirmary. Ministers of the various Places of Worship were invited.

Isaac as Mayor chaired a meeting of Merchants and Gentlemen on 17 June 1862 in the Saloon of St. George’s Hall to discuss providing more Hotel accommodation which was becoming totally inadequate due to the increasing influx of visitors and growing commercial prosperity of the Town.

Isaac as Mayor presided over the meeting of Gentlemen interested in the establishment of a cheap and efficient system of Telegraphy held on 22 September 1862 in the large room of the Bradford exchange, The meeting was addressed by Lord Alfred Churchill M.P. of the UK Electric Telegraph Company, Limited.

Isaac as Mayor held a Court on 4 October 1862 to revise the funding and outgoings of all the Overseers of the Poor, Vestry Clerks & Collectors of the Poor Rates.

Their son William married Maria Holmes, daughter of William Holmes Esq. of Baildon, on the 5 November 1862 in Baildon, amid hundreds of friends and spectators! Their honeymoon was in Paris, France. Their daughter Annie Eliza was born on 7 August 1864 at Manningham, Bradford.

A Bazaar & Fancy Fair in the Exchange Rooms, Bradford, was held for 3 days from 9 June 1863 to raise funds for the improvement of the United Temperance Society Hall (erected in 1837). Isaac and his wife were Patrons.

On 17 June 1863 at the annual meeting of the Eye & Ear Infirmary Charity, the best thanks were given to Isaac Wright, Esq. for his services as President of this institution during the 3 years of his mayoralty.

Thomas Cunliffe Wright (eldest son of Isaac & Eliza), Gentleman and a Bachelor of Manningham Lane, Bradford, died on 29 July 1864. Probate on 10 September 1880 was held at Wakefield. Administration of the Personal Estate of Thomas, Gentleman, was granted to his brother John Cockshott Wright of 4 Grosvenor Terrace, Scarborough, Gentleman, the Son & Administrator (with Will) of the unadministered Personal Estate of Isaac Wright, the Father & Next of Kin. Personal Estate under £300.

On 1 December 1865 Isaac Wright, Wool Merchant, along with George Motley Waud, Worsted Spinner [who became 21st Mayor of Bradford (1876-77)], and James Wilson, Commission Agent, acquired the estate and effects of George Townend, Stuff Manufacturer of Thornton, Bradford, by a Deed of Conveyance or Assignment, as he was bankrupt.

In1866 Isaac Wright Esq., JP, Woolstapler business was at 13 Bermondsey, Bradford. His home was at Grosvenor Place, 149 Manningham Lane, Manningham; this property of 6,335 sq. yds stands near the best part of the lane and had a coach house, stables, billiard room, cottage, conservatory, vinery and other out buildings, with gardens and a croft or paddock. Also, at that time, Isaac as Vice-President of the Tradesmen’s Benevolent Institution chaired the AGM held in St. George’s Hall on 26 November when 4 pensioners were elected onto the Committee. This was repeated in 1869, but for 2 pensioners.

John Cockshott Wright married Margaret Metcalf in the third quarter of 1868 in Leeds. She was born on 23 March 1841 in Wakefield to William, a Miner, & Maria Metcalf and baptised on 6 June at St James Church, Altham, Lancashire.

On 25 November 1869 Isaac Wright Esq. chaired the meeting of the Bradford branch of the Yorkshire Church Association at the Mechanics Institute.

Isaac was the Vice-President of the Bradford Tradesmen’s Benevolent Institution. Their annual meeting was held on 27 May 1870 in the Saloon of St George’s Hall. Here is some early history of this institution: –

The Bradford Tradesmen’s Home started in 1866 with a proposal to erect 30 houses. Soon sufficient funds were promised by many gentlemen to donate 200 guineas which justified starting this undertaking. The site for the building was purchased at Lilycroft, Manningham and the foundation stone laid on the 10 September 1867 by Sir Titus Salt. 30 houses were to be built on 3 sides of a square. A donation of 2,000 guineas from Sir Titus salt allowed the completion of the design and all the houses were occupied by 1870 at a total cost of £15,272 15s 5d. In the centre of the northern block is a lofty hall which seats 300. This is philanthropy at its best at a time of very great depression.

Read on for the completion of the story later.

In 1870, 6 members of the Tradesmen’s Home at Lily Croft, Manningham, retired from the Institution, one of them being Isaac Wright.

Isaac’s second son, William Ellis Wright, Gentleman, aged 31, died on 24 December 1870 at Baildon, Otley.

In 1871:
At 149 Grosvenor Place, Manningham, was Isaac, with income from Freehold Property, Bank and other Shares, his wife Eliza and their son Charles, Iron & Coal Merchant, with two female House servants.
Their son William’s wife Maria Wright, now a Widow & Annuitant, was at 1 Rush Croft Villas, Baildon, with her daughter Annie age 7 and a Scholar, with a female servant.
Their son John was at Holker Street, Keighley, Iron Founder employing 70 men with his wife Margaret. They had a General Domestic Servant.

Also at that time, Isaac as Chairman of the Bradford Exchange Company presided over the annual meeting. He then retired from the post and was made a director of the Company.

Maria Wright née Holmes, widow, married Robert Charles Lease on 6 July 1872 in St John’s Church, Huddersfield. He was b. on 02 Feb 1843 at Mile End; Stepney, bap. on24 Mar 1844 at Saint Peters Church, Stepney, London, Age: 1.

The funeral of Isaac Wright, Esq., was held on 10 August 1872. Relations and friends gathered at his home in Grosvenor Place, Manningham Lane and proceeded to Undercliffe Cemetery. Blinds were drawn, streets lined with spectators. The procession was headed by a force of the borough police and the hearse drawn by 4 black horses. The were 2 coffins, the one of lead contained his remains which was then enclosed in the outer one of oak bearing the inscription that he died on 6 August 1872 aged 71. Four coaches carried the mourners, his wife, sons, & half-brother, etc. Fifteen private carriages followed. The Parish Church bells tolled.

Probate for Isaac Wright was granted to Eliza Wright of Grosvenor Place, Widow, the Relict, the Residuary Legatee for Life. Effects under £40,000. Resworn December 1874 under £80,000. Administration (with Will) of Goods Unadministered passed at Wakefield August 1880. [Equivalent to approx. £7.64M in today’s money.]

Probate of William Ellis Wright was held on 17 March 1873 at Wakefield. Administration was granted to Maria Lease (Wife of Robert Charles Lease, Cashier) (formerly Wright, Widow) of Baildon, the Relict. Effects: under £25,000.
Between 11 Apr 1873 and 1876 John Cockshott Wright of Apsley Crescent, Eccleshill, Yorkshire, Ironfounder, Age: 32, was a Freemason at the Eccleshill Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Maria Lease & Robert Charles Lease had a daughter Minnie b. 5 July 1873 in Huddersfield and bap. at St John’s Church on 5 September. She married Bernard Joseph Spink at St John the Evangelist Church, Baildon, on 11 November 1896 and went on to have 3 children, Kenneth b. 1899, d. 1907, Joan b. 1901, and Marjorie Helen b. 1905. Joan married Sydney Morrison Brash in 1936 at Bridlington and had a son, Alastair Alan Morrison Brash b. 1938 who married Theodora Josephina Maria van Noort in 1928 in Hull. Marjorie married Stuart Nairn Brash in 1936 at Bridlington.
Maria & Robert Charles Lease also had 2 sons, Charles Robert and Arthur:
Charles Robert b. 30 June 1876 at Honley, near Huddersfield, bap. at St Mary’s Church, Honley on 27 October. He married Mary Elizabeth Minto in Victoria, Australia in 1907 and had a son Chas Philip Minh Lease b. 1908 who married Kathleen Clare (or Claire) Davey in 1937 in Victoria, Australia. They had a son Philip Thomas Minto Lease b. 3 August 1942 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Arthur was b. on 4 September 1878 in Honley, bap. at St Mary’s Church, Honley on 28 September, married Emily Crouch Onions on 10 August 1911 in Christ Church, Hampstead, London; they had a son Robert J Lease b. 1913, d. 1916.

Charles Henry Wright (the youngest son of Isaac & Eliza), Gentleman of Grosvenor Place, Manningham, Bradford, died on the 6 March 1874 aged 27. Probate at Wakefield was held on 9 December where his Will was proved by John Cockshott Wright, Gentleman of Apsley Villas, Manningham, his brother. Effects under £25,000.

The completion of the Bradford Tradesmen’s Home project: –

In the Hall of the Home, one of the best antique stained-glass windows is dedicated to Isaac Wright, given by the family. Mrs Eliza Wright had also placed a window of stained glass in the Assembly Hall of the Home as a memorial to her son Charles Henry Wright. At the annual meeting of the Bradford Tradesmen’s Home on 31 May 1877 it was stated that Mrs. Eliza Wright had offered to build 13 additional houses. Her son, Mr. John Cockshott Wright, gives £1000 to keep them in repair. On the 18 July 1877 the ceremony of laying the memorial corner-stone for the 13 houses on the 4th side of the square which complete the original scheme took place. John Cockshott Wright, their son, accompanied by his wife, carried out the laying of the stone using the silver trowel and ebony mallet the gift of his mother. These houses were erected in memory of Mr Isaac Wright, Woolstapler, by his widow Mrs Eliza Wright at a personal cost of £5,209 3s 3d and also to their son Mr Charles Henry Wright. By the 9 October 1878 all the houses were occupied. On the 30 May 1879 at the annual meeting of the Bradford Tradesmen’s Home at Lilycroft, held in their Reading Room, it was confirmed that all 43 houses were occupied. Mr. Henry Brown, first Governor, left a sum of £1000 to swell its funds to cover current expenses. Two illuminated windows had been erected in the Hall to the memory of Sir Titus Salt as he had subscribed 2000+ guineas in total, and the other to Henry Brown. By 1893 8 more stained-glass windows were added for other worthies.

John Cockshott Wright’s wife Margaret died Jan-Mar 1878 in Bradford. He re-married to Mary Ann Harwood on 21 September 1880 in Scarborough. She was born in 1849 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

By 1880 the Trustees of Isaac’s Will were closing the distribution of his assets to those having just claims or demands on his Estate, eight years later on!

Isaac’s wife Eliza Wright died on 25 April 1880 at 2 Promenade, Southport, Lancashire, aged 72, widow. Earlier she lived at Grosvenor Place, Manningham Lane, Bradford. Probate was held on 8 June 1880 at the Principal Registry. Her Will was proved by Benjamin Hammond of 1 Walmer Villas, Bradford, Gentleman, Ezra Waugh Hammond of the ‘Fountain’ Brewery, Bradford, Common Brewer, and John Cockshott Wright of 151 Manningham Lane, Gentleman, her son, the Executors. Her Personal Estate was under £16,000. She left a legacy of £700, free of duty, in her Will to fund a lifeboat in memory of her son which was named the Charles Henry Wright and based at Porthlevan, Cornwall. It passed its very satisfactory trial on 13 October 1882 at Limehouse Canal, London.

In 1881:
At 80 Fitz William Street, Huddersfield, were Robert Charles Lease, Woollen Merchant Shipping, his wife Maria and their children Minnie and Charles Robert, both scholars and Arthur just 2 years old. They had two servants, a Cook & Nurse/Housemaid.
At 4 Grosvenor Terrace, Scarborough were John Cockshott Wright, Retired Engineer, his wife Mary Ann with two female Servants.

John Cockshott Wright, Gentleman, died on the 11 May 1882 at 4 Grosvenor Terrace, Scarborough. Probate was held on 9 June 1882 at York where his Will with a Codicil was proved by James Henry Hardacre of Clarendon Street, Bradford, Solicitor’s Clerk and John Edward Harwood of Overton Terrace, Scarborough, Fisherman, the Executors. Personal Estate: £10,929 11s.

In December 1886 the partnership of Robert Charles Lease with Henry John Terry, Woollen Merchants of Huddersfield, was dissolved, as they were bankrupt.

Robert Charles Lease, formerly of Kirkfield, Baildon, died suddenly on 31 December 1890 at 1 Rushcroft Villa, Baildon, Otley, aged 49. He was then interred in the burial ground at Baildon Parish Church on 5 January 1891 of which he was previously Churchwarden. The flags at the Baildon Conservative Club and on other buildings were at half-mast and along the route from his residence to the church blinds were sympathetically lowered. The chief mourners were his widow Maria, daughter Minnie and sons Charles and Arthur, and John and Annie Thornton. There were also representatives from the Baildon Conservative Club. Probate was held on 19 Feb 1891 at the Principal Probate Registry at First Avenue House, London. His Will was proved by Maria Lease of 1 Rushcroft Villas, Widow, the Relict, the sole Executrix. Personal Estate: £2,640.

In 1891:
At The White Flag Inn, 1 Whitelock Street, Leeds was Annie Thornton, widow, Boarding House Keeper, with her son Arthur.

Back in Baildon at 1 Rushcroft Villa was Maria Lease, a widow, living on her own means, with her children Minnie, Charles Robert and Arthur. They had a general servant.

Minnie Lease married Bernard Joseph Spink on 11 November 1893 at St John the Evangelist Church, Baildon.

In 1901:
Still at 1 Rushcroft Villa was Maria Lease, widow, with her son Arthur, an Electrical Engineering Apprentice.
At Elmfield, 12 Low Baildon, was Minnie with her husband Bernard Spink, Engineers Machine Tool Maker, an Employer at age 29, with their son Kenneth b. Jan-Mar 1899 in Baildon. They had a female General Domestic Servant. Sadly, Kenneth died on 7 September 1907 age 8 and buried at St Pauls, Esholt, Yorkshire.
At East End House, Fairford, Cirencester, Gloucestershire was John Thornton, living on his own means, with his wife Annie Eliza and their daughters Dorothy Margaret b. 20 Oct 1893, bap. 07 Dec 1893 and Phyllis Helen b. 18 Apr 1896, both in Kensington, London. They had 5 Servants, a Butler, Cook, Nurse, Parlourmaid and Kitchenmaid. Phyllis married David Hugh Davy on the 21 Apr 1915 in Kensington and Chelsea, London.

Minnie and Bernard Spink had a daughter Joan b. on 21 October 1901 at Baildon. She married Sydney Morrison Brash Oct–Dec 1936 in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Their son Alistair Alan Morrison Brash was b. on 26 April 1938 in Rotherham, Yorkshire and married Josephina Maria van Noort Apr-Jun 1956 in Hull, Yorkshire. Josephina was a nurse before being married. Minnie and Bernard then had a daughter Marjorie Helen b. 1905 in Baildon and married Stuart Nairn Brash Apr-Jun 1931 in Bridlington.

Mary Ann Wright, widow of John Cockshott Wright, died on 25 February 1902 at 3 Alma Square, Scarborough, aged 54. Probate was granted to Tasker Peirson Hart, Solicitor. Effects: £749 4s 10d.

Annie Eliza and John Thornton had another daughter Nancy born on 22 Aug 1905 and bap. on 19 Sep 1905, in Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Maria Lease of Rushcroft, Baildon, widow, died on 26 February 1911, age: 74 and buried in St John the Evangelist Church. Probate at Wakefield on 12 June was granted to Arthur Lease, Engineer, her youngest son. Effects: £4,906 14s 3d.

In 1911 at Whelford, Fairford, Gloucestershire was John Thornton living on Private means, his wife Annie and two daughters, Dorothy and Nancy. They had 4 female servants: a Cook, Nurse, Housemaid and a Parlourmaid. [No Butler this time!] Their daughter Phyllis Helen was a 14-year-old Scholar, a pupil at St Catherine’s School, Cranleigh, near Guildford, Surrey.

On 21 April 1915 Phyllis Helen Thornton of Fairford, Gloucester, was married at St. John’s Church, South Kensington to Lieutenant David Hugh Davy of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry. Bridesmaid was Dorothy Thornton, her sister.

David Hugh Davy of The Church Farm House, Latton, Wiltshire, died on 21 August 1926 at Minehead, Somerset. Probate on 29 December in London was granted to Phyllis Helen Davy née Thornton (the daughter of Annie Eliza Wright and John Thornton), his widow. Effects: £4215 4s 10d.

The wedding of Miss Marjorie Helen Spink of The Whins, Primrose Valley, Hunmanby, near Filey on the East Coast of Yorkshire was held on 30 May 1931 at the Parish Church to Mr. Stuart Nairn Brash of Primrose Valley, well-known Hull Timber Importer and Merchant. She was attended by her sister Miss Joan Spink, Miss Nancy Thornton her cousin and Miss Kathleen Holmes. Sydney Morrison Brash, his brother, was best man.

The wedding of Phyllis Helen Davy née Thornton to Francis H N Lewarne took place between January and March 1934 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Emily Couch Lease née Onions of Heathlands, Grove Road, Bournemouth, widow of Arthur Lease (the son of Maria Holmes and Robert Charles Lease) died on 25 June 1940. Probate on 13 August in London was granted to William Edgar Witt, Accountant. Effects: £3734 8s.

Annie Eliza Thornton née Wright (the daughter of William Ellis Wright and Maria Holmes) of Phoenix House, Whiteway, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, died on 10 January 1941. Probate was granted to Dorothy Margaret Thornton, Spinster, her eldest daughter. Effects: £3016 8s 7d.

John Thornton of Barnwood House, Barnwood, Gloucestershire, died on 20 November 1944. Administration was granted to Dorothy Margaret Thornton, Spinster, his eldest daughter. Effects: £247 19s 9d.

The wedding of Phyllis Helen Lewarne née Thornton then Davy to Charles Horsley Gilbert took place Oct-Dec 1951 in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Bernard Joseph Spink of 242 Victoria Avenue, Kingston-upon-Hull, died on 9 December 1952 at 125 Park Avenue, Kingston-upon-Hull. Probate on 3 March 1953 at York was granted to Joan Brash née Spink, his eldest daughter (wife of Sydney Morrison Brash). Effects: £12,843 2s 7d.

Dorothy Margaret Thornton of Cats Lodge, Horcott Road, Fairford, Gloucestershire died on 27 June 1867 at Standish Hospital near Stroud, Gloucestershire, aged 73. Probate in Gloucester on the 13 September 1967 was granted to Lloyds Bank Ltd. £6,416.

Nancy Thornton died on 28 Mar 1975 at Cats Lodge, Horcott Road, Fairford, Gloucestershire. Probate was held on 28 Jul 1975 in Bristol, Somerset. £13, 695.

Alastair Alan Morrison Brash of 21 Sandy Walk, Bramhope, Leeds died on 23 April 1979. Probate was held on 29 June 1979 at Leeds; Administration granted: £48,794.

Stuart Nairn Brash of Paddock Hollyhill, Skibbereen, County Cork, Republic of Ireland, died on 12 October 1984. Probate was held on 6 February 1986 in London; Administration granted: £13,366.

Research by David Broomfield – August 2023

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