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Benjamin Berry

Note to reader: As an aid in following the people in this biography, there is a Family Tree at the end.

Benjamin Berry – Machine Maker (1785-1866)
Benjamin Berry was born on 25 October 1785 in Leeds and bap. on 27 November. His father was Thomas Berry, Cordwainer (Shoemaker) of Leeds and mother Ann of Leeds. He was their eldest son and came to Bradford in 1806 to serve as a mechanic with Messrs. Taylor, Wordsworth, & Co. and then joined Mr. John Wood, comb manufacturer. He married Grace Robinson on 6th May 1810 at St Peter’s in Leeds when he was 24yrs old. He was a smith (blacksmith) and in 1815 went to work for Ripley Dye-works at their small mill.
Benjamin and Grace had 8 children; well, that’s what is commonly stated, but as their first daughter died at an early age, was probably overlooked; Ann, born on 9 October 1810 to Benjamin Berry of Holbeck and baptised at the Parish Church, Leeds on 25 December 1810, then buried as Ann, the daughter of Benjamin & Grace Berry of Water Lane, Holbeck, in Leeds Church [St Peter’s] on 16 July 1813 age 2½ years. They then went on to have: Thomas b. 24 October 1812 and bap. at George Street Chapel (Independent) in Leeds; Henry b. 4 December 1815 and bap. on 31 December 1815 and William bap. on 2 August 1818, both at Bradford Cathedral. Then Caroline bap. 9 February 1821; Peter b. 1823, bap. 11 June 1823; Benjamin bap. 18 August 1826; Sarah Ann b. 1829, bap. 30 August 1829 & Elizabeth Robinson Berry b. 6 October 1832, bap. 31 October 1832, all at Bradford Cathedral (St Peters).

Prospect Mill in Bowling, Bradford, was built in 1819 by the Bowling Iron Works Co. and let out on a room and power basis. Benjamin set up an engineering machine making company Benjamin Berry & Co in a part of Prospect Mill in Bowling.
About 1825 he started a business with 3 young men and the firm Greenwood, Berry, Peacock & Tankard became established.
In May 1829 the partnership of Joshua Wood, Benjamin Berry, Benjamin Tankard, Joseph Peacock, Thomas Rhodes & William Greenwood as Worsted Spinners and co-partners at Prospect Mill in Bowling, under the firm of ‘Thomas Rhodes & Co.’, was dissolved by mutual consent on 5 May. This was signed by Joshua Wood, Benjamin Berry, Benjamin Tankard and Joseph Peacock on 14 May 1829.
In 1834 Greenwood, Berry & Co owned a good deal of land in Broomfield (part of Bowling). This partnership made spinning frames in Prospect Mill [confirmed by the entry of Greenwood, Berry & Co., Machine Makers, Prospect Mill in Pigot 1834 Bradford Directory of Trades & Professions] and Portland Mill.
Benjamin’s son Thomas married Ann Mortimer on 24 July 1834 in Bradford; she was b. 22 September 1814 and bap. 28 Nov 1814 in Thornton Independent Chapel, Bradford, to Isaac and Mary Mortimer.
In March 1835 at an Inn in Bowling, Benjamin was Chairman at the formation of an Operative Society for the protection of the labouring classes. This was a branch of the Bradford society of 400 members; there were two other branches in the area.
The partnership of William Greenwood, Benjamin Berry, Benjamin Tankard & Joseph Peacock at Prospect Mill, Bowling, as Machine Makers and Co-partners under the name ‘Greenwood, Berry & Co.’ was dissolved by mutual consent on 24th Oct. 1835. William Greenwood carried on the trade of Machine Maker at Portland Foundry in Bradford. Other partners went with Benjamin i.e., Benjamin Tankard and Joseph Peacock. This was witnessed and signed by William Greenwood, Benjamin Berry, Benjamin Tankard & Joseph Peacock on 26 Dec. 1835.
Benjamin’s son Henry married Sarah Mortimer – – on 11 December 1836 in St Wilfred Church, Calverley, Bradford; she was b. 1816 in Calverley, Bradford, bap. on 18 September 1816 at Bradford Cathedral to Isaac and Mary, he a Weaver. She was also the younger sister of Ann who had married Henry’s brother Thomas Berry 2 years previously.
Benjamin’s son William married Martha Walmsley Oct-Dec 1839 in Bradford; she was bap. on 28 March 1819 in Bradford, Yorkshire to Isaac and Mary Ann Walmsley of the Bermondsey Hotel, Bradford.
Once Benjamin was well-off, he decided to separate from the firm and with his sons continued the business, chiefly as a manufacturer of spinning machinery. He introduced many improvements leading to him being regarded as the original maker of the complete spinning frame.
On 6 June 1841 Benjamin was living near Mill Lane in Broomfields near Bowling, Bradford, a Machine Maker 55 with Grace 50 b. 1791, who unfortunately died on 15th August 1841, aged 50, and interred at Horton Lane Chapel. Living with them were Peter, Benjamin, Sarah & Elizabeth. His eldest children also lived on the same street with their wives and children, Thomas, a Mechanic, with his wife Ann 20 and children Mary Ann b. 3 July 1835, Isaac Mortimer Berry b. 19 May 1837, bap. 7 June 1837 at Bradford Cathedral & Peter Robinson Berry b. 6 June 1840, bap. 3 July 1840 also at Bradford Cathedral; and three doors down the lane Henry, a Mechanic with his wife Sarah 20 and son Benjamin b. 19 May 1837, bap. 7 June 1837 at Bradford Cathedral.
However, William Berry and his wife Martha, both Clothiers, were living at Doctor Lane, Idle.
Benjamin’s eldest daughter Caroline married John Crampton, Butcher, Jan-Mar 1841 in Bradford and the 1841 Census shows them living at Portland Street, Horton. Caroline Crampton sadly died Jan-Mar 1842 in Bradford.
Thomas & Ann had a son James b. 18 May 1842 in Bradford who unfortunately died on 1 October 1845 and interred at Horton Lane Church.
Henry and Sarah had a daughter Grace Ann b. on 10 January 1842 in Bowling and bap. on 9 March 1842 at Bradford Cathedral.
In 1842 Benjamin was elected as Overseer, Guardian of the Poor, for Bowling, which he continued to be until 1861 with credit and honour.
On 17 October 1844, Benjamin, youngest son of Benjamin Berry of the firm Messrs. Berry & Sons, machine makers of Bowling, Bradford, died. He was 19 years old.
Peter at 22 and a Mechanic married Mary Swaine 21 on 29 March 1845 at Bradford Cathedral. She was b. 1824 in Bowling, bap. 2 May 1824 at Bradford Cathedral; her father John Swaine was a Waggoner.
Henry and Sarah had a son John Scott Berry born on 2 May 1846 in Bowling and baptised on 12 March 1852 at Bradford Cathedral.
Benjamin Berry of Hall Lane, Machine Maker, was elected Borough Counsellor on 10 June 1847 for Bowling Ward, Bradford.
Also in 1847, were advertised for sale Combing Machines, Sliver Heads and Drawing, Slubbing, Finishing & Roving Boxes manufactured by B. Berry & Co.
In 1848, of the 6 Councillors representing the Bowling Ward, Benjamin attended the second most meetings in the past year – beaten only by 1 though! He was also on the Sanitary Committee.

In 1851: –
At Hall Lane, Bowling, Bradford was Benjamin, widower, 65, Machine Maker employing 84 hands, his unmarried daughter Sarah at 21 plus a Housekeeper. Next door was his son Peter, also a Machine Maker at 28, Peter’s wife Mary 27 with their son Henry b. and bap. on the same day 16 February 1849, the baptism at Bradford Cathedral. Then there were two infant deaths of their sons John b. Jul-Sep 1846, bur. 23 May 1847 & Benjamin b. 9 August 1853, bap. 31 August 1853 at Bradford Cathedral, d. 23 October 1854; both buried in Undercliffe Cemetery.
At Mill Lane, Bradford was Thomas, Machine Maker, with his wife Ann and children Peter Robinson Berry now 12, plus Alfred b. 18 August 1845, bap. 28 April 1847, & Grace b. 8 April 1847, bap. 28 April, both in Bradford Cathedral; William Henry b. Oct-Dec 1849 and baby Tom, b. Jan-Mar 1851, both in Bradford.
At Broomfield Terrace, Bowling, Bradford was Henry, Machine Maker, with his wife Sarah and Grace Ann now 9 and a Scholar. Also at Broomfield Terrace, were William Berry and his wife Martha, he a Master Machine maker of the firm of B. Berry & Sons which employs 83 men.
At Micklefield House (School) at Rawdon, near Guiseley, Leeds, under Head Teacher and her daughter Teacher with 6 other Teachers and 3 Servants, was Mary Ann Berry (daughter of Thomas) age 15, one of the other 19 boarding Scholars/pupils plus 35 day-pupils.

Henry and Sarah had another daughter Elizabeth born on 30 July 1851 and baptised on the 10 March 1852 at Bradford Cathedral.
In July 1851 Benjamin testified at the Case of Bowling Beck when Dye Works were discharging refuse into the beck.
In February 1852 Berry & Sons were offering for sale Worsted machines with the latest improvements, Frames having Spool and Spinning motion.
In August 1852 at Bispham Church, Sarah Ann, eldest living daughter of Benjamin Berry of Bowling, married John Bonnell in Bradford. He was born on the 7 July 1822 and baptised on 7 October 1822 at Horton Lane Independent Chapel, Bradford.
In 1853 Benjamin built Ladywell Foundry in Hall Lane. Benjamin and his sons were joined by St Dunstan’s Machine Tool Manufacturer and the Mill Lane Foundry.

The Ladymills Foundry at Broomfields, Bowling, Bradford.

Thomas & Ann had another daughter Sarah Elizabeth born on 26th June 1855 who sadly passed away on 21st June 1860 in Bradford, and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery.
In February 1856 Benjamin Berry of Bowling, Bradford, Machine Maker, was a partner in the Bradford Banking Company. In September he was also caught up in The Wibsey Gang of Huddersfield theft of cloth worth £100, but was discharged.
On 27 May 1857, Elizabeth Robinson Berry, youngest daughter of Benjamin Berry of Bowling, married Henry Davies Pickford of Liverpool in Bradford. He was baptised/christened on 25 December 1832 at St. Thomas Church, Liverpool, Lancashire, son of John, Watchmaker, and Elizabeth Pickford of Mersey Street, Liverpool.
In Jul-Sep 1857, Mary Ann Berry, eldest daughter of Thomas Berry of Bowling, married James Harrison in Bradford.
In December 1858 Benjamin was a member of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.
In April 1860 Benjamin held his Annual Dinner for his workers in the local pub, The Nags Head.

In 1861: –
At Prospect House, 43 Hall Lane, Bowling was Benjamin, still a Machine Maker and employing 157 men & boys at the age of 75, plus a Servant.
At Dudley Hill Road, Eccleshill was Thomas, Worsted Machine Maker, with his wife ‘Nanny’ [Ann] and Isaac 23, also a Worsted Machine Maker, Peter 20, a Wool Sorter, Alfred 15 and an Iron Moulder plus Grace 13, William Henry 11, Tom 9 and Caroline 7, (b. Jul-Sep 1853 in Bradford), all Scholars.
At 66 Wakefield Road, Bowling was Henry, Machine Maker with his wife Sarah and Benjamin 23, a Machine Makers Son and Grace Ann, their daughter.
Still living at Broomfield Terrace, 70 Wakefield Road, Bowling was William Berry, Machine Maker, Martha his wife with his sister-in-law Emma Walmsley (Unmarried at 31) and niece Mary Ann Rhodes, a 17-year-old Scholar.
Living at 3 Ellen Street, Bowling was Peter now a Master Machine Maker at 38 and his wife Mary 37, Henry now 12 and a Scholar, Elizabeth 10, and a Scholar too, b. 1851 in Bowling, bap. 27 August 1851, plus Mary Swaine 72, his Mother-in-Law, a widow, b. 1789 and Hannah Swaine 42, his unmarried Sister-in-Law being their House-servant, b. 1819, both born in Bowling.
At St. James Square, Little Horton, Bradford was John Bonnell, Woolstapler, with his wife Sarah Ann and a female Domestic Servant from Bramley.
At Green Lane, Wavertree, West Derby, Lancs. was Henry Pickford, Commercial Clerk in American business, his wife Elizabeth with their sons John Berry 2 b. 14 April 1858 and bap. 4 June 1858 at St. Brides Church, Liverpool, Lancs. and Charles Henry 1 b. 1860, bap. 26 April 1860 at Holy Trinity Church in Wavertree, Liverpool; they had 2 female Servants, a Cook and a Nurse.
At Dudley Hill Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, was James Harrison, Wool Merchant, with his new wife Mary Ann and their daughter Anne [ ‘Annie’], just 1 b. 3 May 1859 and bap. 23 September 1859 at Bradford St Peter (Bradford Cathedral).

Benjamin Berry, the son of Henry Berry, at age 25 and a mechanic, married Martha Elizabeth Teasdell age 19 on the 21 May 1862 in Braford Cathedral. A witness was Benjamin Rhodes, husband of Benjamin’s sister Grace Ann. Martha was born on 17 February 1842 and baptised on 6 March in Bradford Cathedral, the daughter of William, a Mechanic, & Rachel Teasdale of 10 Canal Terrace, Bradford. Before being married she was a Housemaid at Manor Hall, Market, Bradford (Temperance Hotel) with two other servants, a Bar Maid & an Errand Girl.
Mary Berry née Swaine (Peter’s wife) died on 13 September 1862 and was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery. [Spouse: Peter Robinson Berry]
In 1863 Ladywell Foundry became Ladywell Mill which had 3 tenants.
Grace Ann Berry, the daughter of Henry Berry, at age 22, married by Banns Benjamin Rhodes age 26 on 27 July 1864 in Bradford Cathedral, the certificate being signed by Henry Berry, her father. Benjamin was a Sprit Merchant, the son of Joseph & Ann Rhodes, he a Currier (worker on hides or skins); Benjamin was baptised on 25 March 1837 in Bradford Cathedral.

Benjamin Berry, the eminent machine maker of Bowling, died on 19 October 1866 at his residence at 43 Hall Lane, Bowling, Bradford aged 80 years. Benjamin was buried on 24 October 1866 at 11:30 am, in a Freehold Brick Vault in Section G, Plot No. UG 233, in the Unconsecrated area of Undercliffe Cemetery, attended by large numbers friends and neighbours. Payment of £37 was made on 27 October 1866 from Thomas, Henry, William & Peter Berry. This partnership between the 4 brothers continued to the end of 1868 when it was dissolved by mutual consent. On 20 September 1870 a Memorandum was made for the sum of 7s 6d that the vault was not to be offered without the joint consent of William and Peter Berry.
Diligent and industrious and frugal he acquired wealth and influence which he used for good ends. This should have been engraved on his gravestone, but there wasn’t room for it! [See below]

The position and close-up of Benjamin Berry grave site at Undercliffe Cemetery

Probate for Benjamin Berry, Machine Maker at Bowling, who died on 19 October 1866 was held on 14 December 1866 at Wakefield. His will dated 6 August 1858 was proved by the oaths of Thomas & Peter, his sons, both Machine Makers of Bowling and the Executors. Effects: Under £10,000.
John Scott Berry married Mary Lodge on 5 November 1866 in Bradford Cathedral. She was b. 1847 in Birstall near Bradford.
Peter Berry, Machine Maker at 44 and a widower, married Ellen Illingworth 38, spinster, of Bowling (Father: John Illingworth, a Surgeon) on 13 March 1867 at Bradford Cathedral.
Sarah Berry née Mortimer, the wife of Henry Berry (2nd son of Benjamin), died between Jan-Mar 1867 in Bradford.
In 1869 William Berry was General Manager of the Worsted Machine Makers of Ladywell Works, Bradford.
Thomas Berry of Bowling, Bradford, Machine Maker, died aged 57 on 1 February 1870 at Blake Hill House, Eccleshill, near Undercliffe, late of Ebeneezer Mill, Gordon Street and was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery (Plot No. UG 449) alongside his son James and daughter Sarah Elizabeth. The Will with a Codicil was proved at Wakefield on 8 April 1870 by the oaths of Isaac Mortimer Berry and Peter Robinson Berry, both of Ebeneezer Mill and both Worsted Spinners, the sons, and James Harrison of Undercliffe, Wool Stapler, son-in-law, the Executors. Effects: Under £5,000.

Thomas Berry family monument in Undercliffe Cemetery

There was a County Court case involving the finances of the firms of the four brothers from 25 February 1870 to the 25 July 1873, eventually concluded after 3 years (!) by two Lord Justices.

Henry Berry of Bowling, Bradford, Machine Maker, died on 29 July 1870 at 64 Broomfield Terrace, Wakefield Road, Bradford, age 54. He was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery, Plot No. UF 380, along with his wife Sarah Berry née Mortimer. The Will was proved at Wakefield on 27 September 1870 by the oath of Esther Berry of Bradford, widow, the relict, the sole Executrix. Effects: Under £100. Henry had married Esther Turner, widow, and daughter of a Cloth Manufacturer, on 1 October 1868 in Bradford by License. Esther Hainsworth was born on 1 March 1820 in Farsley, near Pudsey, Leeds and baptised on 8 August 1830 age 10 at St Wilfred’s Church, Calverley. Esther of Bramley had married Joseph Turner of Bramley on the 5 October 1842 in St Peter Church, Leeds by Banns.
One of Benjamin’s sons put the mill up for sale. The advert in the Leeds Mercury for Saturday 17 December 1870 reads: “To be Sold or Let, Ladywell Mills, Hall Lane, Bowling (late the premises of Messrs. Benjamin Berry & Sons). The well-built and commodious premises are admirably adopted for spinning, weaving or combing.”

In 1871: –
Now at 4 Claremont, Horton, Bradford, lived William, Worsted Machine Maker (out of employ) with his wife Martha and a different Niece, 15-year-old Martha E Rhodes. Martha died Oct-Dec 1873 in Manningham, Bradford and William remarried to Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Woodroff Jan-Mar 1875 in Bradford. William, Woollen Waste Dealer, died on the 4 April 1877 in Idle, Calverley, Bradford. He was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery alongside his first wife Martha in Plot No. UG 234. His Will was proved at Wakefield on 10 July by Joshua Biggs of Idle, Cloth Manufacturer, Skirrow Berry Riley & William Riley, both of Shipley, Bradford, Rope & Twine Makers, his nephews and Betty Berry of Idle, widow, the Relict, the four Executors. Effects: Under £200. He was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery, aged 59.
At 13 Kensington Terrace, Headingly cum Burley, Leeds was John Bonnell, Linen Manufacturer employing 150 men, women & children, with his wife Sarah Ann.
At Beech Lane, Wavertree, West Derby, Liverpool was Henry D Pickford, Marine Insurance Broker, with his wife Elizabeth and sons John & Charles, both Scholars, and now two more sons and a daughter: Francis Howe 5 bap. 14 June 1866 at Holy Trinity Church in Wavertree, Arthur Turnbull 2 b. Apr-Jun 1868 and Elizabeth Maude 1 b. Jan-Mar 1870, both at West Derby; they had 5 female Servants: 2 Nurses, Cook, Waitress & Housemaid.
Ann ‘Nanny’ Berry, widow of Thomas, was living at Alma Place, Calverley Moor, Calverley with Farsley, Bradford with her sons Peter, a Drawing Overlooker, Alfred, a Moulder (unemployed), William Henry, an Overlooker, Tom, a Mould-house-man, and daughter Caroline with House Duties. Ann née Mortimer died on 30 November 1872 aged 58 and was buried in Undercliffe Cemetery alongside her husband Thomas Berry and daughter Sarah Elizabeth.
At Thornton’s House, Dudley Hill Road, Eccleshill was James Harrison, Woolstapler, his wife Mary Ann née Berry, Annie now 11, plus: Lizzie 7 b. 8 October 1863, bap. 25 November; Herbert 4 b. 30 June 1866 and bap. on 31 August; and Earnest 2 b. 6 August 1868 and bap. on 16 September, all at Bradford St Peter (Bradford Cathedral). They had 2 female Servants, a General Servant and a Nurse.
At Carlisle Road, Manningham, was Benjamin Berry, the son of Henry Berry, a Mechanic Fitter, his wife Martha Elizabeth née Teasdell and children: Henry 8, a Scholar, b. 1863; Albert 4 b. 1867 and daughter Sarah M 2 b. 1869, all born in Bradford.

Thomas’s wife Ann passed away on 30 November 1872 in Eccleshill, Bradford and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery alongside her husband Thomas, son James and daughter Sarah Elizabeth.
William Henry Berry, Combmaker, son of Thomas Berry, married by Banns Mary Spencer on 17 March 1874 at St Wilfred Church, Calverley. She was born 1853 in Bradford. They had children: Fred, Willie, Henrietta, Alfred, and Herbert Spencer Berry, born on 14 February 1896 and baptised on 15 March 1896 at St Philip, Girlington, Bradford, the birth being Registered in Drighlington, North Bierley.
Peter’s daughter Elizabeth at 25 married Arthur Stansfield Pollard age 26 (b. 1851) on the 20 June 1877 at Bradford Cathedral.

In 1881: –
Peter Berry now age 57 and an Engine Maker – and married – was a Boarder at Hamilton Place, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland.
At Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, Lancashire, was John Bonnell, a Cashier (Maritime Insurance) with his wife Sarah Ann; they had a 26-year-old female Domestic Servant.
At 106 Killinghall Road, Eccleshill, was James Harrison, Worsted Wool Buyer, Mary Ann his wife with House Duties, Lizzie 17 with Domestic House Duties, Herbert 14, Unemployed Hosier, Earnest 12, Stationer, and now Nellie age 9 b. 9 April 1871 and bap. on 7 June at Bradford St Peter (Bradford Cathedral), Scholar.
At Whitehall Road, Gomersal, Dewsbury, was Benjamin Berry, the son of Henry Berry, a Mechanic (e&m) [electric and mechanical??], with his wife Martha, sons Henry 18, a Printer & Lithographer, and Albert 14, a Worsted Spinner, daughter Sarah 12 and now James 9 b. 1872 in Bowling, both Scholars. Martha died Apr-Jun 1887 in Bradford.
At 26 Lord Street, Ormskirk, Lancs., Elizabeth Pickford, 48, Married, Merchant’s wife, was a Lodger/Boarder with John & Ann Mitchell and their 3 children and a domestic servant plus 6 other Lodgers/Boarders. [Her husband Henry Davies Pickford and their children could not be found in GB]

Henry Berry

Henry Berry (b. 1863), Printer & Lithographer of Windhill, Shipley, married Polly Priestley Jul-Sep 1885 in Bradford. Polly was born Jul-Sep 1865 in Bradford.

Elizabeth Robinson Pickford of Back Lane, near Chorley, Lancs., d. c. 1888 and buried on the 2 August 1888 at Holy Trinity Church, Wavertree, Liverpool.

In 1891: –
Peter Berry now age 67 and a Textile Machine Maker is living at 50 Salt Street, Manningham, Bradford with his 2nd wife Ellen née Illingworth 52.
At 9 Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, Lancs., was John Bonnell, a Cashier with his wife Sarah Ann née Berry; they had 2 female Servants, a Nurse and a General Domestic Servant.
At 20 Garnett Street, Eastbrook, Bradford was James Harrison, Weaver’s mail maker, with his wife Mary Ann née Berry, daughter Rosetta 33 b. 3 December 1857, bap, on 12 November 1871 in Bradford St Peter (Bradford Cathedral), Nellie Siviter, James’s niece b. 1864 in Birmingham; she assists her uncle James.
At Sydenham Place, Bradford, was Henry Berry (son of Benjamin Berry b. 1838), Lithograph Printer, his wife Polly and children Benjamin 5 b. 1886, bap. on 17 February 1886 at St Stephen, Bowling, Bradford, Anne 3 b. 1888 in Hull, and Albert Priestley Berry 1 b. 1890, also in Hull. Living with them was Henry’s sister Sarah M Berry 22, a Pattern Card Maker and brother James Berry 19.

Sarah Ann Bonnell née Berry died age 62 at 9 Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool and buried on 15 June 1892 at Holy Trinity Church.
Peter Robinson Berry died on 23 April 1894 and buried at Undercliffe Cemetery in Plot No. UF 452, along with his spouse Mary née Swaine and children John & Benjamin.
John Bonnell died age 72 at 9 Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool and buried on 29 December 1894 at Holy Trinity Church.
In 1901 now at 901 Leeds Road, Fagley, Bradford, lived James Harrison 67, a retired Weaver’s mail maker with his other niece Francis E Saviter b. 1866 in Birmingham. James Harrison of 999 Leeds Road, Thornbury, Bradford died on 29 November 1908. Administration held in London on 19 December 1908 awarded to Rosetta Williams née Harrison (wife of Walter Hepworth Williams). Effects: £1868 2s. 2d. Rosetta had married Walter Apr-Jun 1898 in North Bierley, Bradford.
Also in 1901, now at 13 Rosedale Street, Shipley, was Henry Berry, Lithograph Printer, his wife Polly and children Benjamin, also a Lithograph Printer, Annie, Albert and now Arthur James 7, born in 1894 in Hull.
Alfred Berry, son of Thomas Berry and grandson of Benjamin Berry died on 22nd June 1907 aged 61 years and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery.
Mary Ann Harrison née Berry, beloved wife of James Harrison, departed this life on 20th April 1910 age 74 and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery alongside her parents Thomas Berry and Ann, and sister Sarah Elizabeth.
In 1911, still at the same address of 13 Rosedale Street, was Henry, Lithographic Printer, his wife Polly and children Benjamin, also a Lithographic Printer, Annie, Albert, a Typographical Printer, Arthur, an Iron Moulder, and now Edith Mortimer 9 b. 9 December 1901, bap. 15 January 1902 and Harry Bernard 6 b. 9 March 1905, bap. 4 January 1906, both born in Shipley and baptised at St Margaret, Heaton, Frizinghall, Bradford.

Benjamin Berry, the son of Henry born 1815, died Jul-Sep 1912 at Keighley, Bradford, age 75.

Herbert Spencer Berry, youngest son of William Henry & Mary Berry was killed in action at Arras, France & Flanders on 8th April 1917 aged 21 years and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery alongside his parents. Lance Corporal Herbert S. Berry enlisted in Leeds into the 4th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders and given the Reg. No. 201395.

Albert Priestley Berry, second son of Henry & Polly Berry, died on 27 October 1917 in the African Theatre of War and buried at the Dar es Salaam War Cemetery, Tanzania, East Africa, in Plot 5.m.6 (Memorial ID: 22731600). He was a Lance Corporal in the 25th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment); Service No. 29584.

Benjamin Berry, eldest son of Henry & Polly Berry of Shipley, Bradford, was killed in action on 3 December 1917, age 32, in France & Flanders, Dept du Nord, Nord-Pay-de-Calais, France and buried at the Cambrai Military Cemetery at Louverval, Doignies, his name on Panel 889 of the Memorial. He enlisted in Bristol in the 1st Battalion, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and given Service No. 19110, went to war on 25 July 1915, then promoted to Corporal and awarded the 1914-15 Star medal with Regimental No. 26747. He is also recorded on the Shipley Memorial, War Memorial Register (WMR) 47003.

Polly Berry died Apr-June 1920 at Shipley – apparently of a broken heart.

In 1921, still at the same address of 13 Rosedale Street, was Henry, now a widower, Lithographic Printer of W E Berry’s, Printers, of Nesfield Street, Bradford, whose place of work was at 13 Rosedale Street, Valley Road, Shipley. His remaining children were with him: Annie, doing work around the home, Arthur, an out-of-work Iron Moulder at the Murgatroyd & Barrett Iron Foundry, Edith, an out-of-work Shop Assistant at Manfield & Son, Boot Manufacturers, and Harry, a Printer at Berry & Townard in Jury Street, Bolton Road.
Mary Berry née Spencer wife of William Henry Berry died on 9th March 1926 aged 73 years and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery.
William Henry Berry died on 3rd September 1934 aged 85 and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery.

Editorial Note: This write-up has concentrated on the main players that are central to the story.

Benjamin Berry Grave is in Uncon G234

Research by David Broomfield – February 2023
With input from: Pauline Thorpe – Benjamin was her 4th Great-grandfather

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