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George Motley Waud

George Motley Waud JP (1834-1887)
21st Mayor of Bradford (1876-77)

George was born in 1834 and baptized on 18 September at the Anglican Church at Sturton Cum Fenton, near Retford, Nottingham (but his abode was in Bradford), the son of Christopher and Ann Waud. Christopher was born on the 10 August 1806 and baptized on the 14 September 1806 at St Peter’s in Leeds. Ann was born in 1787 in North Stanton, Nottinghamshire. When Christopher was 26, he married Ann Motley 20 by Licence dated the 27 May 1833 at Sturton Parish Church, Nottinghamshire.

George’s father’s company of C. Waud & Son was erected at Britannia Mills in Manchester Road in 1833.
In 1841, Christopher Waud a worsted spinner age 30 was residing at Spring Grove, Manningham Lane with two female servants. His wife Ann 28 was a visitor at Castle Farm, Worksop, Nottinghamshire run by farmer George Motley, her father, with George 7, Harriet Rachel 4 b. 1836 and bap. on 7 October 1836 in Sturton Cum Fenton, Nottinghamshire but registered in Bradford, William 3 b. Oct-Dec 1838 also in Sturton Cum Fenton (who sadly died in March 1847 in Bradford age 9) and Joseph Edward just 8 months old bap. on 9 July 1841 at Sturton Cum Fenton. They had 3 female servants and male servants (farmhands?). Presumably Ann had moved there to have Joseph Edward with her family taking the rest of her children with her and leaving Christopher back in Bradford to Register Joseph Edward’s birth in July-Sep 1840.

In 1850 George joined his father’s company to learn the business of a spinner.

In February 1851 Christopher Waud of Bradford, worsted spinner, was listed as one of those that formed the partnership of the Bradford Banking Company. This was repeated in February 1868 which also included his sons Joseph Edward & Benjamin Skelton, both manufacturers. Christopher was similarly listed with the Bradford Commercial Joint Stock Banking Company.

In September 1851 two carriages belonging to Alderman Samuel Smith and Christopher Waud Esq. of Bradford were waiting at the Midland Station for the Earl of Zetland (now Shetland) to arrive from Wentworth House. The noble Earl was the guest of Christopher Waud and was taken to his house in Alderman Smith’s carriage. The carriages were occupied by directors of the St George’s Hall Company; they were at the station to receive the Earl. In the evening the Earl left Bradford from Darfield Station, the directors of the Midland Railway having ordered the train to stop there.
In 1851 at 24 North parade, Bradford was Christopher Waud a worsted spinner age 44, his wife Anne 38, with George 17, a worsted spinner, Benjamin Skelton 9 (bap. on 26 August 1842 Sturton Cum Fenton, Nottinghamshire), a Scholar at home, Harrison 7, also a Scholar at home, and Frederick 5. They had 3 female servants: Housemaids.

George’s mother died Oct-Dec 1854 in Bradford.

In 1861 at 24 North Parade, Bradford was Christopher Waud, widower, 54, a Worsted Spinner Merchant employing 520 hands, George 26, also a Worsted Spinner Merchant, Harriet 24, Joseph Edward 20, a Worsted Spinner, Benjamin 18, a Merchant and Horace Christopher 9, a Scholar (bap. 25 May 1852 at Sturton-Le-Steeple (but his abode was in Bradford). They had two servants; Cook & Housemaid.

On 17 February 1866 Christopher Waud died. His son George became the principal partner in the business his father and uncle established, with his brothers Horace and Frederick being partners.

In 1866 George married Solange Marie (Mary) Augustine Hatton in Bradford. [There are no records of this in Britain, so maybe they could have married in France?] Solange was born on 25 November 1843 in Lille, France. She was the daughter of Joseph Augustin Lois Hatton and Sophie Ambroisine Hache. Joseph and Sophie had two more daughters: Marguerite (Margaret) Laure Augustine Hatton b. 31 January 1847 and Berthe Azema Sophie Hatton b. 28 June 1849, both in Lille, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

In 1867 George was deputed with others to report on the worsted fabrics at the Paris Exhibition.

In 1868 he was returned for the North Ward of the Corporation and continued to 1874 when he was made Alderman and continued to 1880.

In 1871 at Manningham Lane, Bradford was George a Worsted Spinner, his wife Solange Mary 28, Christopher Hatton Motley Waud 4 born on 3 April 1867, George Comille Waud 1 born 27 September 1870 and Horace (George’s brother), with Solange’s sisters Mary Hatton 26 born 1845 in Lille, France and Margaret Hatton. They had 5 female Domestic Servants.

Also in 1871, at 96 Horton Road, Horton, Bradford was Thomas Latimer 40 a Worsted Manufacturer (Unemployed), with his wife Harriet (nèe Waud – George’s sister) 35, their children Edward Digby 6, bap. 18 January 1865, Margaret Moody 3, bap. 30 March 1868, and Charles Herbert under 1 month old, bap. 6 April 1871, all at St James Church, Horton, Bradford. They had 4 female servants: Monthly Nurse and 3 Domestic Servants. Harriet had married Thomas Latimer Jan-Mar 1864 in Bradford.

Again in 1871 at West Field, Rawdon, Wharfedale was Joseph Edward Waud (George’s brother) 30, a Worsted Spinner employing c. 900 hands, his wife Anne 27 b. in Jan-Mar 1844 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire to John Motley bap. 27 January 1811 in Sturton Cum Fenton, Nottinghamshire, a farmer of 200 acres employing 4 labourers, and Caroline Billyard b. 1812, with their daughters Margaret Anne W Waud 3 b. Apr-Jun 1867 and Caroline Mabel W Waud 2 b. Jul-Sep 1868, both in Otley, Leeds. They had a visitor from Lancashire, Fanny Twidale 23, a Gentlewoman. Also, they had 3 female Domestic Servants. Joseph had married Anne Motley Jul-Sep 1866 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire.
Again in 1871, at 20 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey was Benjamin Waud (George’s brother) 31, a Manufacturer & Merchant, his wife Selina 29 b. 1842 in Pudsey, with their children William S 7 b. 1864, a Scholar, Elizabeth 5 b. 1866, also a Scholar and Harry 3 b. 1868, all in Pudsey. They had a female Domestic Servant.

George and Solange had another daughter born on 7 November 1873 in Bradford, Solange Ann Waud bap. 15 May 1884 at Christ Church.

George’s wife Solange Mary Waud died in Jul-Sep 1875 in Bradford, age just 32.

George served on several committees (e.g., he was a Council member of the Chamber of Commerce) with a special interest in the Watch Committee. During his term of Mayor in 1876/77, he raised a considerable sum of money for the Indian Famine Fund and was instrumental in the removal of the debt of the Bradford Tradesmen’s House; he established the Quarter Sessions Court, the erection of the Fire Brigade Station in Aldermanbury and the unveiling of the Cobden statue in the Exchange.

George married Solange’s sister Margaret, estimated to be about 1877. [Similar to Solange’s marriage date, no records of this could be found in Britain.]

In 1881 George, Jacob Behrens and Henry Mitchell represented the Bradford trade in negotiations pending the renewal of the Commercial Treaty with France. He was chosen for his aptitude in the worsted yarns trade with France for 20 years and for his technical and commercial knowledge.

In 1881 now at 42 North Parade, Bradford was George, a Magistrate & ex-Mayor and Worsted Spinner, his second wife and Housewife Margaret 34, with their daughters Margaret Sophie Waud (or Sophie Marguerite) 3 b. 25 January 1878 and Helene De Tracy Motley Waud only months old b. 29 October 1880 and bap. 13 January 1881 at Christ Church, both in Bradford. They had two visitors from France: Joseph A Hatton 78, a Wine Merchant and Sophie Hatton 60. The family had 6 female servants: Cook, 2 Nurses, Housemaid, Waiting Maid and a Kitchen Maid.
In 1881 at 14 Mornington Villas, Manningham was Horace 29, a Worsted & Mohair spinner, his wife Ada Elizabeth 28 b. 1853 in Bradford and their son Percy Renton Waud 4 b. 1887 also in Bradford. They had 3 female Domestic Servants: Nurse, Housemaid & Cook. Horace had married Ada Elizabeth Renton Apr-Jun 1875 in Bradford. She was the daughter of Thomas Renton and his wife Elizabeth and was baptised on 11 March 1853 at St Jude Church, Manningham, Bradford.

George and Margaret had another daughter born on 31 May 1883 in Bradford, Georgina Augustine Motley Waud; she was bap. 14 November 1883.

In January 1886 at the Bradford Chamber of Commerce George retired as President, Sir Jacob Behrens giving a vote of thanks for his services.

In June 1886 George was vice-president of the Bradford Tradesmen’s Benevolent Institution.

On the 9th July 1886 Fred Waud, the younger brother of George, died at Spring Bank, Manningham, where he had resided. He was interred at Undercliffe Cemetery in the vault in which in which one of his sons was buried. He was a member of C. Waud & Co.

On the 16 July 1887 George Motley Waud died at Manningham, Bradford. He had been suffering from a rupture of a small artery in his throat for some time; his restoration to health was hopeless. This was in addition to cancer of the throat a year previously. Death was a relief in the end.

Following his funeral attended by large numbers, he was interred on 20 July 1887 at Undercliffe Cemetery in one of the four vaults of the Waud family alongside the remains of his father and his first wife. This was witnessed by a large gathering of the public. His coffin was of polished oak with brass fittings. The principal mourners were Christopher Hatton Motley Waud, George Camille Waud, A Hatton, Horace Christopher Waud, R H Waud, F C Waud & E V Waud, Mrs F A Waud, Mrs W Waud, Mrs Horace Waud & Mrs J Waud followed by nearly 100 employees of C. Waud & Sons, members of the Corporation, Aldermen, Committees he was associated with e.g., The Worsted Committee and Masons, and 100 police officers.

He was a Conservative – a member of the Central Exchange Club. A staunch Churchman at Christ Church situated opposite the house where he lived. He was one of Bradford’s most prominent men, with important services to the town; a recognised authority on commerce. One of his charitable actions was to offer to replace the ‘Bradford’ Lifeboat. In the event, he presented a boat ‘Christopher Waud, Bradford’ as a memorial to his father and a new lifeboat station on the Goodwin Sands at Broadstairs on the Kent coast.

He had an estate at Bassetlaw near Retford, sometimes referred to as his country residence Barnby Moor, and was a gentleman of a most generous disposition.

Probate: The Will with Codicil of George Motley Waud of Bradford, Worsted Spinner, who died 16 July 1887 at Bradford was proved at Wakefield on 23 November 1887 by his son Horace Christopher Waud of Apsley Villas, Manningham and brother Frank Burnley of Gomersal, Birstall, Worsted Spinners, and William Glossop of Heaton Grove, Bradford, Public Accountant – the Executors. Personal Estate: £104,009 3s 7d. Resworn in June 1889 at £104,139 3s 7d. [Just over £14.25M in today’s currency]

In Jul-Sep 1889 Christopher Hatton Motley Waud married Annie Sharpe Wilkinson (b. 1867) at East Retford, Nottinghamshire.

In 1891 at 34 Manningham Lane, Bradford was Marguerite L A Waud 44, a widow of Independent Means, with her daughters Sophie Marguerite 3, Helene De Tracy Motley 10 and Georgina Augustine Motley 7, all Scholars. They had 5 female servants: Ladies Help, Waiting Maid, Head Housemaid, Under Housemaid and a Cook.
On 6 September 1892 Solange Ann Waud of 14 Spring Bank, Manningham, married Herbert Tom Coates (b. Jan-Mar 1869 in Bradford) at St Paul’s Church, Manningham, Bradford, he of 5 Spring Bank, Manningham – near neighbours! – and also of High Lea, Frizinghall, Heaton, Bradford, a Stuff Merchant. They had two children: Muriel Dorothy Coates b. 6 May 1895 and Norman Waud Coates b. 14 January 1898.

In Jul-Sep 1895 in Barnsley, Yorkshire, George Camille Waud married Ethel Sarah Senior who was born Oct-Dec 1870 in Barnsley. They had two daughters, Ethel Corine Waud b. Oct-Dec 1896 in North Bierley and Noreen Marjorie Bo Waud b. Apr-Jun 1901 in Wharfedale. Ethel married Harold Henry De Baillou Monk in Oct-Dec 1922 in Bradford and Noreen married John Owen Seagar in Jan-Mar 1925 in Wharfedale.

On 28 February 1899 Herbert Tom Coates filed a Petition to divorce his wife Solange Ann Waud on the grounds of adultery with Frederick Hugh Bottomley at such places as the Great Western Hotel in Birmingham and York. Much negotiation took place as to custody of the children and damages, resulting in a Trust Fund being set up which provided an income of £105 pa plus the income from 100 £10 shares in Samuel Webster & Sons Ltd. worth £57 10s 8d pa plus the £550 pa from her father’s will. Custody of the children went to Herbert. The Decree Nisi was granted on10 August 1899 and the Final Decree on 19 February 1900.

Solange Ann married Frederick Hugh Bottomley in Jan-Mar 1900 in Leeds. He was born in Oct-Dec 1872 at Lightcliffe, Halifax.

Christopher Hatton Motley Waud died on 28 December 1900 age 33 at East Retford, Nottinghamshire.
In 1901 at 5 Whitehall Terrace, Harrogate, was Frederick Hugh Bottomley 28, a Retired Manufacturer, his wife Solange Ann Bottomley 27, and daughter Freda Dorothy 1 b. Jan-Mar 1900 at Walton, Lutterworth, Leicestershire. They had two female servants: Cook & Nurse. [So, she was pregnant when she married Fred!]

In 1901 at High Leas, Shipley, North Bierley was Herbert Tom Coates, Stuff Merchant, with his children Dorothy 5 & Norman 3. They had two female servants: Cook & Nurse.

Herbert Tom Coates re-married Margaret Beatrice Lane Pitt in Jul-Sep 1903 at North Bierley. She was born on 22 November 1877 at Hopton, York, bap. 16 January 1878, the eldest daughter of George Lane Pitt & Mary Hannah. She had an elder brother George Norman Ackroyd Pitt b. 1875, a younger brother William Walton Pitt b. 1879 and a younger sister Edith Theodore Pitt b. 1880.

In 1901 at 34 Manningham Lane, Bradford was Margaret L A Waud 54, a widow living on her own means, with her daughters Sophie Margaret Waud 23 and Helene Tracy Motley Waud 20. They had just one female General Domestic Servant.

Sophie Margaret Waud married Thomas Watson on Oct-Dec 1903 at Bradford. He was a Water Engineer b. in 1869 at Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In 1911 at Greyhouse Somerton, Somerton, Somerset was Thomas Watson and his wife Sophie, her sister Georgina Augustine Motley Waud and their daughter Joyce Marguerite Agnes 6, b.22 July 1904, bap. 20 August 1904 in Christ Church, Bradford. They had two female Servants: Nurse & Housemaid.

In 1911 at Spring Place, 34 Manningham Lane, Bradford, a house of 14 rooms, was Marguerite Waud 64, widow, with her daughter Helene De Tracy Motley Waud 30. They had two female Servants: Waiting Maid & Housemaid.
In 1911 at 12 Cecil Avenue, Bradford, was Herbert Tom Coates 42, Stuff Merchant, with his wife Margaret Beatrice 33, with their sons Norman Waud Coates 13, School boy, b. 1898 and Herbert George Coates 6, Student, b. 1905, both in Bradford. They had two visitors: Mary Hannah Pitt 61, widow, & Edith Theodora Pitt 31, from Harrogate. The household benefitted from a Cook & Housemaid.

In 1911 at Victoria Villas, 21 Palace Road, Ripon, Yorkshire, was Frederick Hugh Bottomley 38, retired on private means, his wife Solange Ann, and their daughter Freda Dorothy 11, a Schoolgirl. They had two female Servants: Housekeeper & Domestic Servant.

Georgina Augustine Motley Waud married Giovanni P Tarsis Jan-Mar 1915 in Holborn, London.

Marguerite Laure Augustine Motley Waud lived at Spring Place, 34 Manningham Lane in the North Ward of Bradford, a widow, until just before her death which was at Woodspeen House, London Road, Newbury, Berkshire (where her daughter Helene De Tracy Motley Waud lived) on 25 September 1921. Probate in Wakefield on the 7 February 1922 was granted to Sophie Marguerite Watson (wife of Thomas Watson) and Helene De Tracy Motley Waud, spinster. Effects: £3801 18s 10d. [Just under £200,000 in today’s currency]

George Camille Waud lived at 7 Marlborough Road, Shipley, Bradford from 1895 to 1898 and at Ferniehurst, Baildon, Otley, Shipley from 1899 to 1928, then at Caley Hall, Pool in Wharfedale from 1929 to 1932. He died on 23 August 1932. Probate held in London on the 1st of December was granted to Ethel Sarah Waud, his widow, and his sons-in-law Harold Henry de Baillou Monk, Company Director, and John Owen Seagar, Spinner. Effects: £122108 1s 1d. [Just over £9M in today’s currency]

Baildon Caley Hall, Pool

Herbert Tom Coates of 57 Ashgrove, Bradford, died on 11 July 1932, age 63, at St Luke’s Hospital, Little Horton, Bradford. Probate was held at Wakefield on 10 August was granted to William Walter Pitt (his second wife’s younger brother), Colliery Agent. Effects: £2481 4s 2d. [Just under £185,000 in today’s currency]

This is 16 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth

Solange Ann Bottomley (nèe Waud) of 16 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, the wife of Frederick Hugh Bottomley, died on 11 February 1956. Probate held at York on 26 April was granted to Anthony Sigston Thompson, Solicitor, and William Blair, Solicitors Managing Clerk. Effects: £25493 15s 8d. [Just over £677,000 in today’s currency]
Ethel Sarah Waud (nèe Senior) of the Granbury Hotel, Harrogate, widow and the wife of George Camille Waud, died on 24 April 1956. Probate in London on 13 June was granted to Harold Henry De Baillou Monk, Company Director, and Samuel Renton, Company Secretary. Effects: £30165 15s 8d. [Just over £800,000 in today’s currency]

Frederick Hugh Bottomley of Alderson Nursing Home, 2 Alderson Square, Harrogate died 8 January 1962, age 89. Probate in York on 7 March was granted to Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited and Anthony Sigston Thompson, Solicitor. Effects: £11142 5s 3d. [Just under £253,000 in today’s currency]

Georgina Augustine Motley Tarsis (nèe Waud) died on 30 March 1964 at Newbury, Berkshire.

Helene De Tracy Motley Waud of Woodspeen House, London Road, Newbury, Berkshire, Spinster, died on 30 March 1964, buried on 3 April 1964 at Shaw Cemetery, Newbury, Berkshire, age 82. Probate in Oxford on 11 June was awarded to Barclays Bank Ltd. Effects: £33,427. [Just under £721,000 in today’s currency]

Research by David Broomfield April 2022

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